You need to want it. You need to really really want it. You need to NEED IT. No one can help you. Not one person can aid you in anyway if you don’t want to help yourself. It’s the rule of life. It weeds out those who aren’t motivated. It tests those who truly want […]

Hans Frickin’ Zimmer

Amazing! Awe-Inspiring! Spectacular! Fantastic! Mind-blowing! Magical! Brilliant! These are all words I would expect you to use when speaking about the kind of experience that was the Hans Zimmer Revealed concert. For me personally? Simply “Something Else..” A couple of good friends and I attended the Hans Zimmer Revealed Concert last Tuesday. It was held […]

Fitness Show Weekend

Although I was fairly accustomed to having to work weekends, the change in my work hours has really made a difference and allowed me to see so much more than I had previously hoped for. As an example Saturday the 29th a few friends and I made our way to the International Convention Centre (ICC)¬†Sydney […]

Easter Weekend

I am not a very religious or devout person but I am not above taking advantage of time off when it is offered and this Easter was no different. The Thursday prior to the Easter long weekend I went to see a friend who I had heard wasn’t currently doing too well. Although I knew […]

Manly to The Spit

I don’t really have anything to blog about this week. I’m not really sure where to start. It feels almost like I’m forcing this now, and that’s not what I want. It’s not how I envisioned blogging. Although this probably isn’t my proudest achievement in life I am not afraid to admit I’ve spent the […]

We Control our Thoughts

Sometime during the past week I decided I wanted to get back to blogging regularly. I was hoping to do so roughly once a week but tonight I wasn’t sure where to start. I figured I’d just start writing and see where it led me. Nearly 15 minutes have past since I’ve tried to be […]

Melbourne in March

So last weekend the Arnold Classic was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). I flew down after my day at the market late Friday night. My brother had agreed to drop me off at the airport. Rather than leave just in time, we left a good while earlier and he brought 2 […]